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Choose the right answer:

1)He … to school.

a) to go b)goes c)to goes

2)They play chess.

a)don’t b)doesnt c)hasnt


a)My friends go to the cinema often.

b)My friends go often to the cinema.

c)My friends often go to the cinema.

4) I to take you to the zoo.

a)want b)to want c)am wanting

5) We got a pet.

a)has b)dont c)have

6) My sister .short with blue eyes.

a)is b) are c)has got


a)Does you live in Moscow?

b)Are you live in Moscow?

c)Do you live in Moscow?

8)The company the house last year.

a)build b)built c)building

9)The pupils .any questions.

a)didnt ask b)didnt asked c)werent ask

10) 8-9

a)You bought ice-cream yesterday?

b)Did you buy ice-cream yesterday?

c)Did you bought ice-cream yesterday?


a)Have you ever was to the USA?

b)Did you ever go to the USA?

c)Have you ever been to the USA?

12) I .. in Moscow since I was born.

a)have lived b)live c) am living

13) I think we go the zoo next week.

a)are b) will be c)will

14)This time next week I . to Argentina.

a)will be flying b)will be fly c)flying


a) We had done our homework before we went out.

b)We did our homework before we went out.

c)We did our homework before we had done our homework.

16) We will go to the country if the weather fine tomorrow.

a) will b) will be c) is

17) If I . you, I wouldnt do it.

a) were b) are c) would be

18) If you had asked me for help, we. homework together yesterday.

a)will do b)would have done c) would do

19)There are books on the desk.

a) much b) many c) any

20) In the fridge there arent . butter.

a)so b)any c) some

21) What nice day!

a) a b) so c) some

22) Thank you. This is .. a good present from you.

a)so b) such) c)some

23) What is name?

a)your mother b)your mothers c)you mothers

24) I like . the piano very much.

a)playing b)play c)plays

25) My sister is 5 but she can

a) read b) reads c) reading

26) . you me, please?

a) Do/ can help b) Do/ can to help c) Can/help

27) Children .study at school.

a) must to b) must c) mast

28) This weekend we .to the museum.

a) go b) is going c) are going to

29) Our plane . at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

a)leave b)leaves c)will leave

30) My friend is coming this weekend. We at 7 tomorrow evening.

a)are meeting b)will meet c)will met

31) You like ice-cream, you?

a) can b) do c) dont

32) I like teachers are kind to children.

a) who b) which c) those

33) How much books?

a) is this b)is these c)are these

34) Can you show me dresses?

a)this b)those c)that.

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